Ayurveda massages in Munich

Ayurveda is to be used preventively, but also almost for everyone
Areas of inconvenience. Ayurveda massages come with a lot of warmth
Oil performed and have an extremely positive effect. The
Cell regeneration is stimulated, causing the aging process
is delayed. Deposits and slags are removed from the tissues
dissolved, enter the hollow organs and can be excreted.
Cramped ligaments and tendons are relaxed and stretched. The Marmas
(vital contact points of body and mind), at which the
Focus on life forces are activated. By their suggestion will be
strengthened the internal organs and canal systems as well as the immune power. The
three doshas (Vata = principle of movement, Pitta = conversion principle, Kapha =
Structure and lubrication principle) are harmonized and balanced
brought. In particular, excessive Vata is reduced, causing anxiety,
Nervousness, stiffness of limbs, fatigue, lethargy as well
Restlessness and fatigue diminished and a sound sleep
be encouraged.

With Ayurveda herbal oils deep Relaxed go into everyday life

Massages with Ayurvedic herbal oils are extraordinary
soothing, lead to deep relaxation and promote the same time
Detoxification. The most important thing in our hectic world is probably the
Time. Therefore, take your time for your Ayurveda application in Munich. Also the
Time after that is very important - a long rest after the application -
a warm bath - a walk in nature are essential.

The gentle touch during oil applications goes very deep and
brings many congestion and blockages in motion or dissolves them. It
needs rest and time, until deposits through the lymphatic system
be transported away. There is also usually an interaction
of physical debris and emotional congestion - so too
These naturally get moving. Warmth and a lot of drinking - e.g. from
Ayurvedic herbal teas or simply hot water, possibly with fresh
Cooked ginger and mixed with lemon juice - support this
Process. The cosmetic effect is also enormous. By the
The use of a wide variety of Ayurvedic herbal oils will also make skin and
Hair is soft and silky.