Experience Tantra Massage now in Munich

A sensual, unintentional full body massage for the senses
be sharpened, the body deeply relaxed, the heart blossoms and the
Spirit is present at the same time. It opens up a space to stop,
Find peace, relax, feel more self-confident.
The love for oneself to accept oneself, just as one is, with
everything that matters, its desires and longings, fears,
its vulnerability and beauty, gives a charisma and a
certain SOMETHING.

A massage that touches the body and heart. That means: "Yes, yes
find themselves and feel at home in themselves. wholeness
to a pleasurable life, to a fulfilled sexuality.

Tantra combines the sexual energy we all have inside us
from which we ourselves originated, with the energy of the heart. Tantra
is a spiritual path that transforms the sexual energy
used to the state of ecstasy, the highest delighted and
To achieve ecstasy.

Tantra massages from Munich are not sex

The Tantric massage in Munich is not about ejaculation in the first placeor the genital orgasm, but to increase energy and
Energy distribution throughout the body. By the "big draw", one
Tantric breathing technique and muscle contraction, can increase the sexual energy
be obtained, whereby a series of orgasms are possible. Of the
Orgasm is not just limited to the genitals, but he can
spread throughout the body. Ideally, it comes to a
Full body orgasm. But it takes some practice. At the end of
Tantric massage can be practiced the big draw. He can be a big one
Enriching your sex life.