Lingam Massage is part of the sensual Tantra Massage in Munich

The word Lingam comes from Sanskrit and is for us in the West
actually untranslatable. Neither the word "penis" nor the sooner
derogatory word "cock" or "cock" is the appropriate one here
Translation for the pleasure and love organ of man.
Lingam is more like a column of light, an expression that is fuller
Worship is. In India, the lingam of the god Shiva becomes ritualistic

The Lingammassage is a simple method for the man, great desire
to experience while refining his life energy. The
Sexual energy is stimulated and heated in the Lingam and rises at the end of the
Massage the spine and implode in a sense throughout

Lingam massage will give you a sensual experience

In Taoism and in Tantra, there is between ejaculation and the
Distinguished orgasm. Ejaculation often has a loss of energy
result. When the sexual energy through the breath is the whole body
Boosting energy can cause a whole body orgasm. With a little practice
This can be a very ecstatic experience and a lot of life energy
activate and save.